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Attention Parents
Hermes Elementary will have picture retakes on November 19th. This was originally scheduled for November 12th but has now been moved to November 19th. If you want pictures of your child, but didn't order the first time, or didn't like the first pictures, this is the day to retake them. Your child will either need to have money or their other pictures in hand on the day of retakes. If your child was absent on the first picture day he/she will take their picture for the yearbook on this day.
Helping Students Learn Newsletter (Ayudando a los Estudiantes a Aprender)
Tips families can use to help students do better in school. Please click on a thumbnail below to access the newsletter.
New Leopard Stadium Guidelines for Students of Hermes Elementary!
New guidelines for students that attend football games at Leopard Stadium.
Books and Babies

Books and Babies This is opened to the public for children ages 0-5 yrs old to come to school and get exposed to reading.
Blast-Off Picnics

Blast-Off Picnics These picnics are for good behavior and for returning homework on time. When a class has had everyone turn in their homework for 10 days or everyone has had good behavior for 10 days they get to eat a picnic lunch with the Principal and Assistant Principal.
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